Thursday, May 31, 2012

Losing Weight Naturally

One of the greatest concerns for a new mother other than her new baby is losing weight. New mothers gaze into the eyes of their babes and sing songs of love. Then when we look in the mirror, the concern sets in.

Weight loss is beneficial, however, when it is rushed and forced it becomes harmful. Losing weight, especially after giving birth, should be done with patience.

Eating healthy foods that boost the metabolism and the mood should be consumed regularly. Lots of green foods like kale, romaine lettuce, and spinach are supportive of weight loss. Fruits like oranges, apples, and watermelon help to raise the vibration and assist in elimination.

Water is so vital for our health and well-being. Water also is a major supporter in weight loss and ridding the body of cellulite. By drinking at least half of your body weight in ounces of water daily, you flush out toxins and get proper hydration, causing all of the organs and mechanics of the body to function properly.

Ease into working out. Stretching is a good base to start your exercise regimen. 

Maintaining a high vibration, drinking enough water, getting light exercise, and eating foods that promote health are the primary targets for the new mother looking to lose weight.

Check out this article for more tips on weight loss for the new mommy.

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Love and peace.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Food for Life Supreme BioCoffee Giveaway Winner!

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Tara Castillo
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Food for Life Supreme BioCoffee is extraordinary. Although there was only one recipient for the prize, everyone still has an opportunity to get the coffee for yourself!

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Giveaway: Food for Life Supreme BioCoffee

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Food for Life Supreme BioCoffee 12- Day Challenge promotes Optimum Health

Thank you for joining me in the 12- Day Challenge with Food for Life Supreme BioCoffee. It has been a wonderful experience. This coffee is exquisite in flavor, texture and aroma with wonderful healing properties. Within the twelve day period, I noticed that I had more energy and stamina. It enhanced digestion, which is a top asset in weight loss. With all of the ingredients in one sachet, it is easy for at home and travel. I recommend this product to anyone who is striving to achieve weight loss, increase digestion, raise their vibration, or optimize overall health and well- being.

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Amiee Woods
Atlanta Motherhood Examiner

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Monday, April 9, 2012

The 12- Day Challenge or Get Away?

My experience with Food for Life Supreme BioCoffee has been a blast. I am not a big coffee drinker, however, I can definitely drink this everyday.

When I first saw the box, I read 'four in one'. The 'four in one' is referring to the Arabica Coffee Powder, Natural Sweetener, Non- Dairy Creamer, and.... Wheatgrass Powder? I thought of the shots of wheatgrass juice that I would take in the health food store, which could use some help in the taste department.. I took out a sachet and opted to carry out this 12 day Challenge, even if the taste was unpleasant. If you want to see results, you have to do the necessary things.

I opened the sachet and the aroma was so invigorating, intoxicating, exotic, and alluring. I couldn't stop holding the sachet to my nose. Oh the scent...if I could just put it into some wax and make a candle.

Finally, after I got over my fascination with the aroma, I prepared my cup of BioCoffee. Amazing! So simple to make. It has everything. All you have to do is add the contents of the sachet to a cup and add eight ounces of hot water. How easy is that?

What a magnificent little cup. The aroma gets your mind ready for the delicious flavors your palette is going to encounter. This 12- day challenge will be a breeze. The real challenge will be to stick with the formula of one sachet a day. A coffee this smooth, clean, and rich is hard to pass by.

Food for Life Supreme BioCoffee has made me a dedicated client for its luscious flavor. However, this coffee states that it will improve your overall health. It is still too early to tell.

More to come.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The 12- Day Challenge BioCoffee Wheatgrass Review

Join me as I take the 12- Day Challenge with Food for Life Supreme BioCoffee!

Food for Life Supreme BioCoffee is designed to naturally improve your health. Fortified with wheatgrass, this is a green superfood that is high in nutrients and low in calories. Food for Life Supreme BioCoffee is excellent for those who may lack nutrient rich foods in their diet. Also this coffee will assist with weight loss naturally by improving digestion and giving energy to the body and increasing the metabolic rate. The more energy you have, the more active your lifestyle can become.

Caffeine- free due to the potency of the wheatgrass, Food for Life Supreme BioCoffee is excellent for nursing mothers. No ill side effects, only increased nutrients and minerals. Great for mama and baby!

Food for Life Supreme BioCoffee makes being healthy simple A four in one coffee, all the ingredients that make this coffee beneficial come in one daily sachet. Arabica coffee, non- dairy creamer, natural sweetener, and wheatgrass powder blends to give you the perfect coffee to lead to better health. Great tasting, no sugar or creamer needed.

Over the next few days, watch for posts and videos on how my body benefited from this unique coffee blend.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Exercise makes us Happy

You just had a good workout and now you feel pumped and ready for anything. You now have the energy to make things happen. That workout that you just had, changed your whole mood. Here's how.

The biochemicals that are responsible for you being happy, after a workout, are called serotonin. Serotonin are little neurotransmitters that send signals all over the body that boosts our overall mood.

If you feel depressed, give yourself a thirty minute workout and see how your mood elevates.

If you feel exhausted or drained, instead of laying down to go to sleep, work out first. If it is in the daytime, your body most likely needs a serotonin lift rather than to lay down. Fatigue doesn't always stem from lack of rest, it can also come from lack of movement.

High serotonin levels assist in making us feel happy, enlightened, and delighted. Low serotonin levels can cause us to feel irritable, cranky, and fatigued. If you notice that you feel sluggish or grumpy, start working out. Try some light stretching, yoga, or whatever you enjoy.

Remember to watch what you eat. Bad food choices can effect the serotonin levels as well. Stay away from high sugar foods like sodas, candy bars, and doughnuts. They will take you on a quick high and just as quickly, take you on a downward spiral. Try fresh fruits and veggies.

This is one of many reasons to exercise besides losing weight. Ultimately, exercising will contribute to weight loss, however let 's not make it our only reason. We are in control of our mood, our bodies, our lives. Stay informed and make better decisions about your lifestyle choices.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Featured Organics: What are Grains?

Grains are a major fuel that our bodies need in order to function properly. Yet, we take grains for granted by either purchasing instant variations or skipping them altogether thinking that we are better without them. Grains are low in fat and assist us with proper digestion, increases our energy, and even reduces the risk of heart disease. Grains should be properly cooked for better assimilation of their nutrients. Make proper selections for grains, such as those that are rich in protein and gluten free. So, what are grains?

Brown Rice
Brown rice is renowned all over the world. Some of the varieties include: Indian rice, which is long and the texture is fluffy and light and Japanese rice, which is short and has a sticky texture. Both are delicious and can be used for a variety of meals. The wonderful benefits of brown rice is that it is packed with Folate and
B Vitamins which support the cardiovascular system reducing the risk of heart disease. Brown rice is also wonderful for weight loss because the high content of fiber found in this power food. It can be purchased gluten free.

Quinoa is the mother of grains. Originating from the Andes Mountains, South America, Quinoa is an ancient grain of the Incas that has reemerged. Quinoa has a nutty, delicate texture. It is delicious served hot with vegetables and served cold over a bed of greens. A unique quality of quinoa is that it is a complete protein by way of essential amino acids. It is very beneficial to those looking for alternative ways of receiving protein away from the common animal proteins. Quinoa is naturally gluten free.

Amaranth is an ancient grain that has a history spanning thousands of years in Mexico. It was the grain of the Aztecs and the Mayans. Amaranth has a rich, nutty flavor. It is delicious with vegetables or added to a bread mix for a bread with complete protein. Amaranth is rich in the amino acid, Lysine, which gives Amaranth its unique quality. It is high in protein, which makes a wonderful substitute to animal proteins. Amaranth's Lysine value is greater than that of even quinoa and other grains. Amaranth also is good for weight loss, aids in the prevention of cancer and supports the cardiovascular system due to its high fiber content. Amaranth is also naturally gluten free.

Chia Seeds
Chia Seeds are wonderful for weight loss. When adding water to them it causes the seeds to become a gel and when eaten makes us feel full, assisting in the decrease of food cravings. Chia Seeds also have strong age- defying antioxidants which aids in the prevention of cancer. Among being gluten free, Chia Seeds are also rich in Omega- 3's which aid in weight loss, circulation, and gives the skin an amazing glow!

Grains are a very important part of our diet. They are rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and even protein. When we saturate them with butter and gorge ourselves with them, we make them bad to consume, not nature. Examples of modern people that consume grains consistently are the people of Asia such as in India, China, and Japan. These people eat rice on a daily basis and studies have shown that they have healthier and longer life spans than that of those of us in the United States.  Eating in a balanced manner gives our bodies the opportunity to receive what nature has given us.

For more knowledge on grains click on these links:

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Exercise Machines no More... Let's Shimmy!

It is time to lay down the exercise equipment. Let's free ourselves from exercise machines and use our own bodies' rhythm to burn away the unwanted pounds. We can achieve this through an ancient dance form known in the West as Belly dance, also known as Middle Eastern dance. This dance form is linked to Egypt, Turkey, and Lebanon. Over the past century, Belly dance has become more popular all over the world.

After my second child, I learned about the power of belly dance With my second child, I nursed for about a year. While nursing, I did mostly yoga and Pilate's. I felt balanced and strong, however, the weight was still there. I needed something fun with lots of movement to inspire me to lose the weight. I discovered belly dance. In two months, I had dropped 30 pounds and in three months, I was back to my size prior to pregnancy. Plus, everything about me was well defined, without weights. Everyone is not the same, however, with an organic lifestyle and consistency, improvement will be seen.

No need to run and get belly dance costumes. You can make it your own and wear what pleases you. Belly dance music? It is fine to get Arabic Sounds, however, it is unnecessary. Simply dance to what you enjoy.

Belly dance is sensual in expression and works the body through undulations and isolations causing every muscle in the body to move. Movement of the hips and chest are the major components in belly dance causing the torso to be in constant motion, hence the name belly dance. We can focus on target areas such as abs, back, arms, legs, and all over stretching of the body utilizing different dance moves. These moves are fun and easy for beginners to learn.

The stance in belly dance is abs pulled in, back straight, legs about shoulder length apart, and knees bent. Keeping this in mind will assist in properly performing the dance moves and providing optimum results.

  Head rolls are a wonderful way to warm up the neck. For anyone that experiences stiffness in the neck, this is a wonderful exercise to assist in releasing tension. Beginners should take it slow with this move until flexibility increases. Before you know it, you will be whipping your hair all around the place.

Moving the hands to different levels of the body will give different levels of resistance. When you sway your hips back and forth with arms straight and hands right over the head, this gives very little resistance to the arms, however, stretches the torso, elongating the spine. When hands are placed at ear level with straight arms, this strengthens the shoulders and the back. Placing the hands at shoulder level with straight arms gives the most resistance, strengthening the biceps, triceps, shoulders, and torso. The hands lowered to hip level is grounding, allowing you to feel the hips sway and feel the strength of your stance. Snake like movements in addition to the hands being at shoulder level will increase resistance.

Chest moves strengthen the entire torso. When you see those muscles become more defined and sleek, you will have these moves to thank.  Seasoned or professional belly dancers that can bend all the way backwards down to the floor have achieved this through strength and flexibility. Practicing these exercises daily will cause you to become stronger and more flexible in your back and abs.

Moving the hips to different levels also determines the resistance that the body feels. The lower the level of the hips, the less resistance that you feel in the torso. The higher the elevation of the hips, the more resistance. Moving our hips in a complete circle covers every muscle in the hip and pelvic regions. Starting with points from the front, side, back, and alternate side, then back to front, targets this area. When we move the hips in a smooth circle, we are not only working the muscles, however, also stretching them. The shimmy is also a popular dance move that moves the hip in a rapidly causing the whole body to shake. When done properly, it shows control over the body.  These exercises also strengthens the colon.

Fat burning moves would involve mostly leg and foot work (cardio). Foot work  in belly dance may seem easy to do, however, it does take some practice. Foot work in belly dance requires balance. This is excellent because it causes every muscle in your legs and feet to work. Many of these moves require that you be on your toes, which strengthens the arches, calves, quadriceps, hamstrings and more. Another bonus is that this cardio blast is no impact, so it applies no extra weight on the joints and bones. The foot work also stimulates the colon.

These are all beginner's moves, yet, in time you will advance. As you progress, you will become stronger and have more flexibility. In addition, belly dance will make you feel beautiful and sensual. This is an introduction or base, there is so much more to belly dance. Check out YouTube, purchase DVDs, or even go to the library to learn more. These moves can also can be performed in more intimate So feel the femininity, sensuality, and power that this dance form gives us.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weight Loss On the Clock

The urge is calling for that midnight snack. So we raid the refrigerator telling ourselves that we're going to get the baby carrots and instead bypass them for those chocolate chip cookies that we baked for the children earlier. "It won't matter, their vegan, right?" We can eat vegan cookies, however, eating them at midnight will increase the risk of weight gain and be harder on digestion. Eating at night is what really effects us. Consuming  a small portion of vegan cookies at 12 noon, will be less likely to effect our weight because we have the rest of the day to burn them off.

It is best to eat our heavier meals earlier in the day and lighter meals later in the day. The purpose of food is to fuel our bodies instead of fulfilling our cravings. Eating our heavier meals when we are most active will give us the fuel that we need and increase our chances of weight loss.

It's Sunday and your husband wants you to fix that delicious lemon-pepper salmon with organic mac and cheese. Of course, you want some too, however, your on a journey to being curvaceous. How can we make this work? Eat this meal earlier in the day in one portion...Let us make sure that we do not overdo it. Then we have the rest of the day to clean, run errands, play with the children, and work out, to burn off that delicious meal we had earlier. Our last meal of the day can be a delicious plate salad with all of our favorite organic veggies.

By 7 p.m., we want to have had our food intake for the day. It seems farfetched if you haven't done it, however, I have been doing this for two months and have had little to no cravings to change back.. I have noticed a difference in my body since I changed my eating schedule. Postponing our meal intake until the next day at 7 p.m., gives our bodies an opportunity to break down the food that we ate. By the time that we turn in for the night, the digestion of the food we ate should be near completion. This will assist our bodies in getting the proper rest. Better rest also promotes weight loss. What if you get hungry? Drink a cup of hot tea with a touch of agave if needed. This will assist with the cravings and help to raise those feel good vibrations.

Scheduling all meals before 7 p.m. is attainable and healthier for the body. This is a natural weight loss plan and also a lifestyle change. Keeping this same system after we have reached our goals, will assist in keeping our digestive system running smoothly, causing our whole body to run more efficiently. There is no better weight loss than natural, healthy weight loss.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Jewel of Self- Worth

To know your worth is rewarding. Self- Worth gives stability, confidence, and the hope for a new day. It is grounding in a time of confusion and gives assurance in the face of adversity.

Many suffer from depression, anxiety, and moodiness. Turn on the news and there are headlines about the number of people taking anti- depressants, “normal” people losing their minds in an explosive scenario, and even death from suicide.  Even the rich and famous, the ones that appear to be living the life that everyone wants have bouts of manic behavior, drug- use, and overdose.

What gives us our self-worth? Is it someone telling us how beautiful we are?  Or is it money and prestige? Numerous stories told by the media, shows facts that none of these will produce this result. So, what will?

It all starts from how we think. It seems so miniscule, yet, how we think determines our perception. When a woman stands in the mirror, no matter what size, and says to herself “I’m fat”, the result is a self-conscious woman preoccupied with how fat she looks. When a woman stands in the mirror happy, regardless of her size, she is free to pursue other ideas because she is free of negative thinking.

Self- worth is not about appearance. It is a state of mind that offsets negative that gets in our path. We may lose our job, however, if we perceive it as an opportunity to pursue talents that we have been neglecting, our thoughts stay lofty about ourselves, lives, and future. By thinking this way, develops assurance in ourselves and what we can do, allowing nothing or no one to dictate our worth.  

Look at every obstacle as an opportunity. Whatever seems unpleasant at the time, look for the beauty in it. This is how we maintain our value, knowing that beauty is in us and all around us.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Drink Your Green and White!

Daily, we are exposed to harsh toxins from our environment, the air we breathe, the water we use and the food that we eat. As much as we may monitor our intake of food and liquids for quality assurance, much of what we eat is still the best of the worst due to poor soil. poor air quality, and export/import of various foods. These traces of toxins can build up over time and produce one of the greatest enemies of the body... cancer.

Nature has provided us with antioxidants to get rid of these pesky little free radicals. First, what is an antioxidant? An antioxidant is an enzyme that can counteract the damaging effects of oxidation to any part of the human tissue. If some of the cells in your body were to be oxidized, hindering their growth causing deterioration ( death of the cells ), an antioxidant will combat this process to allow your cells to rejuvenate if possible or allow for a healthy environment for proper cell production.

Two of the best known antioxidants are Green and White Tea. Both originating  from China, they are celebrated for their unique properties in Asia and the world over. Delicious and light in flavor, these teas are produced from the delicately harvested Camellia sinensis plant. White Tea is from the younger plant and Green Tea is from the more matured version.

Green Tea is superb because it is an antioxidant , anti-carcinogen, and has been proven to gently raise the metabolic rate producing weight loss. The benefits of Green Tea are better received when drank daily. Green Tea does not produce immediate results of weight loss, however, gradually in addition to a healthy lifestyle, it will greatly improve your results.

White Tea is very potent in antioxidants and anti-carcinogens. During the times of the Royal Dynasties in China, White Tea was the preferred tea because of its delicate flavor and beneficial effects.

Green Tea and White Tea are a needed part of a healthy lifestyle. Green Tea is especially wonderful for the mamas that wants to get back to being curvaceous. Try drinking it daily with a touch of agave. Even mix it up a bit by sampling it in different flavors. Pomegranate Green Tea has an exotic flavor and added antioxidants (from the pomegranate). Enjoy!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Expansion on 3 Levels

On our journey we must expand our spirit, our minds, and our bodies. This is a time of building and renewing ourselves. To obtain a want takes patience, diligence, and stamina. Expanding our spirit to higher elevations will strengthen our minds and bodies.
Everyday, take the time to broaden your perceptions of what you think, do, and have around you. Look at the sky and imagine what could be beyond it. Look at the trees and have gratitude for the oxygen they give you. Stretch your limbs 10 seconds longer than you did yesterday. As we expand, we get better and we grow.

Enjoy  this journey in your life. Take the time to love self and learn something new daily. Life is what we make it. Expand your light to give others a brighter day!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Stay Away From the Scale

During our journey to getting that slim physique, we may become a little ambitious. Which is great in moderation. Watching what you eat, monitoring your water intake, and exercising everyday are all great ambitions to attain. Even checking your weight every two weeks is good. However, when it becomes every morning and night or even 5x a day, then it becomes obsessive. Then we become stressed when we don't think the weight isn't coming down fast enough. This can lead to depression, especially in nursing mamas.

Stay away from the scale. In order to lose weight, do we really need one? If we raise our vibration daily by thinking positive, eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, and exercise, eventually that weight will fall right off. If it doesn't seem to be working try other methods. For example, if you notice that you have poor digestion, this could be the culprit. So the solution would be to promote better digestion, not obsession.
In the beginning of our journey, we may only lose inches at first. So if your looking at the scale and notice no changes, then this can make you think that nothing is happening. However, when things are done in a natural way, they happen in degrees. 

This is to say for women losing weight, encouragement generally doesn't come from the scale, however, your state of mind. No matter what level of life we are in, if we keep our thoughts lofty and maintain focus for what we want to attain, it will be accomplished.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Stripped, Dyed, and Fried

We are on our journey to Curvaceous and we have to gather all of our nutrients. Vitamins A, B's, C, D, E....Potassium, Calcium, Iron...etc. So many nutrients for us to gather to aid us in our journey. The healthier we are, the easier it will be for us to lose weight. With the many nutrients that we need for our body, we have to utilize every avenue to preserve them.
In this society, stripped, dyed, and fried is what you find most readily available. Stripped of nutrients, dyed to enhance the color, and fried leaving your body unsatisfied.
As mamas, new, future or seasoned, we have to keep our energy. Losing weight requires energy because our bodies are going through a major change. 
One way to the keep the preservation of our nutrients is to manage how we prepare our foods. Frying the food kills all of the nutrients of the food and can cause the body to be more acidic developing free radicals- aging and cancer. Fried foods are a favorite of many, and can be done every so often. The less that we consume them, the more likely that we will be able to lose the weight and be healthier.
An alternative to frying food is baking. Everything that we love fried...french fries, burgers (veggie), eggs...yes, can taste delicious baked. The key to this is it being well seasoned and having oil drizzled on it upon entering the oven. Also, about a cup of water to a large baking pan will help most things cook faster when covered. Once the food is tender by fork test, if you want to get that crispy texture, uncover food and place oven on broil until it reaches the texture that is wanted.

The next level of food preparation to preserve our nutrients would be cooking without oil. Although food that is baked is much better than anything fried, with it being prepared with oil still carries a small percentage of acidity. Cooking food with no oil would require the same baking method without the oil. The oil can be drizzled after cooking to get the flavor of the oil. The same can be done over the stove, cook with water and cover with lid.

The ultimate level is to go raw. This may seem like a hard thing to do for some, yet, there are many wonderful raw recipes available. No matter what level you are at, eating raw can still be achieved. Incorporating raw vegetables: carrots, celery, spinach and fruit: apples, bananas, grapefruit can be an awesome start to your raw experience. Start where you feel comfortable and you will see the benefits in your body.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vinegar- The Pro-Digestion, Pro-Weight Loss...To Be Healthy Liquid

I have an amazing relationship with vinegar. I have started consuming it everyday. It is a must have. Before taking vinegar on a regular basis, I consistently felt bloated. My new found relationship with vinegar causes me to feel lighter. I am no longer bloated. Since taking this awesome natural remedy, I have noticed that I have lost some inches. If you are unfamiliar with vinegars properties, check this out:

-relieves bloating
-relieves flatulence
-relieves constipation
-a prebiotic- supports the digestive and immune systems

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is the best available for healing.  I use Bragg's. It has a fresh, clean taste. It is excellent in salad dressings and even on its own.
For nursing mamas, a little bit goes a long way. Use it as a base in your salad dressing. We want to lose weight, however, in degrees. Losing weight too rapidly will put toxins in your milk from the release of stored fat. For the non- lactating mama, let's be more aggressive. Taking 1- 2 tablespoons a day of raw apple cider vinegar will relieve the body of waste, which will result in quicker weight loss. So, here's to vinegar.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Light Pleasures

In our journey to being curvaceous, raw foods definitely sit at the top of our food chain. Why? We get so many mood boosting nutrients from our green veggies and juicy fruit. Also, we cut back on fat tremendously because raw foods are naturally low in fat. Avocados are rich in fat, however, those are filled with the good fats that or bodies need. Try eating a salad daily. If this is hard for you, top it with some of your favorites like salmon salad, egg salad, chicken salad, etc. Taco salads are also wonderful. Smother with a variety of diced vegetables to get a full range of flavor and health boosting nutrients. Organic is the best way to go.
Remember your salad dressing. Here is a quick and easy recipe to make the 'Salad Skeptic' a true
'Salad Lover'.

Sweet and Tangy Oil and Vinegar

1/4 cup of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

The Juice of 1 Small Lemon

1 tbsp. of Agave

1 1/2 tsp. of  Dill Weed

1 tbsp. of Granulated Garlic or 2 Garlic Clove

1tbsp. of Granulated Onion or 1/4 piece cut from 1 Small Onion

About 2 cups of Olive Oil

Place all liquid ingredients with the exception of  olive oil into a blender. Then add the seasonings and/or vegetables. Blend on high until all is mixed together. Continue to blend and slowly drizzle in olive oil. Once the mixture becomes less liquid, remove from the blender and pour into a glass dressing bottle or whatever you choose. Place in the refrigerator for 20 minutes to allow the dressing to thicken more. 

This is an easy recipe that will make you run to eat salad everyday! Enjoy!

Organic Taste of Italy

 I have a wonderful, quick and easy recipe for the 'little Italy lover' in you. The key to making this acceptable in our journey to curvaceous is moderation and lots of water (smile)!

Organic Little Italy Toast

1 loaf of Your favorite Organic Twist Bread

1/2 stick of butter ( room temperature )

2 cups of Fresh Organic Spinach Leaves

1 1/2 cups of Cheese ( shredded )

With a bread knife, cut the loaf in half through the middle. On each half cut the bread in smaller sections. With a butter knife, spread the butter over the inner part of the bread. Lay bread on oven sheet and place in the oven on broil for 2 minutes until golden crispy brown or until the texture that you want is achieved.

Remove bread from the oven and add spinach and cheese. Place back in the oven and broil for 3 minutes or until the texture that you want is achieved. 

Ecco! A taste of Italy. This mini bread makeover can be eaten alone or paired with any pasta dish. Try this in the A.M. as a sandwich with eggs. Deliziosa!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

All the Little Things

As mamas, we are operating on little to no sleep. Baby wakes up through the night nursing, Little Johnnie wet the bed and so on.Sometimes we are up until 2 a.m. detail cleaning! At times this can start to drain us and can effect our mood. When this happens, think about the small things that we may sometimes take for granted. Our health, shelter, food, and water are essentials in life. However, if it requires little to no effort to obtain these things, it may appear small. Just think, if we didn't have these things, what would life be like... no life at all.
Since I have began a conscious effort to show gratitude daily, I have experienced more happiness.Having gratitude brings a multitude of benefits.The one benefit that serves me daily is the reward of peace.
The moment that anything steps in to try to rob me of my happiness and peace, I immediately think of gratitude. I am grateful for my health. I am grateful for the blessing of having a beautiful baby full of life. When I express gratitude, it immediately raises my vibration, keeping negative from affecting my thinking. Being thankful definitely reduces stress. When we are free of stress, it makes it easier for the pounds to fall off. When we are mentally stressed it effects our whole being, down to the cells in our body.
Be grateful, happy, and at peace. This causes our journey from chunkalicious to curvaceous to be a joyous one!

To find out more on how gratitude rewards us go to:

Vegetarian Chili Heaven

Chili, mmmmm! Chili is so delicious and is even better when it is healthy, without the extra high cholesterol and fat. Going from chunkalicious to curvaceous requires cutting back on fat, not flavor! Chili can be done with different types of beans, however, I enjoy lentil chili the best. A pot of chili can go a long a way and can be used for other meals. It's also inexpensive to make. This is especially good for a busy mama looking for healthy alternatives for her family. Check out these easy lentil chili recipes. Enjoy!

Pot-O-Chili w/ Lentils


2 bags of 1 lb. lentils

1/2 stick of butter

1 large onion

1 garlic bulb

1 green pepper

4 whole celery sticks

5 vine tomatoes

3 tblsp. of  cumin

3 tblsp. of chili powder

2 tblsp. of curry

3 tblsp. of sea salt

2 tblsp. of white pepper

1 tblsp. of Agave

1 tblsp. of  apple cider vinegar 

1 large pot of hot structured or purified water

First put on a large pot of structured or purified water. Give the water a couple of shakes of sea salt to bring to a faster boil. Once the pot of water is boiling, add 2 bags of cleaned lentils and cover with a lid..Lentils will take approximately 45- 50 minutes to cook on high heat. Stir occasionally. As lentils begin to thicken, turn down heat to medium. 
Heat a large skillet on medium. Add 1/2 stick of butter and melt. Add finely chopped onion, garlic, green pepper, and celery. Sautee the vegetables in the butter coating the vegetables. Give 1 dash of sea salt. Add 5 tblsp. of structured/ purified water, turn the eye to medium- low and cover. Once veggies are tender and lentils have thickened, add veggies to the pot of lentils.
Season, season, season! Add the above said seasonings and stir. By now your lentils have thickened and will hold the flavor. Turn the fire to low for simmering. Add chunky chopped tomatoes.
Taste! Some like spice and some may like a salty bite. You can adjust some things to suit your preference. Enjoy with rice topped with cheese. Add salsa and sour cream/ vegenaise and savor!

Again, the wonderful addition to making a pot of lentils is that it can stretch and be used in other meals. Anyone for Chili Cheese Franks! Vegetarian, thank you.

Vegetarian Chili Cheese Franks
( serves 4, 2 franks per person )


1 pk-Field Roast Veggie Franks

4 cups of Cheddar Cheese

8 cups of lentil chili

8 whole wheat hot dog buns

2 cups diced tomatoes

2 cups diced onion

2 tblsp. of corn oil

Heat a skillet on high heat. Add corn oil to skillet. Add veggie franks. Consistently roll the franks to allow for them to get brown. Reheat your lentils. Get your hot dog buns ready because it is all about to go down! After the franks have browned, place them in hot dog buns, top with lentil chili, diced tomatoes, onions and cheese and it's ready, set, go! This is a quick and appetizing meal. You can easily adjust the portion size for any event!

Mamas spend maybe 30% of their lives in the kitchen or more. Sometimes we can get burned out and may need to mix it up a little. Continue to check out my blog for time savvy, easy on the waist meals!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bargain Organic

We all want to save money. Always looking for the best deal, cutting coupons, buying that dress that you will probably never wear just because it was 75% off. It is great when we can save, however, with some things it is best to spend the money.
One thing that we should definitely spend the money on is good food. When we go to a major grocery store, we will see many of the key things that should be in a cook's kitchen: fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, etc. 
We will even many times find great deals on them such 2 for $1 and so on. We have to also look at why these foods are so cheap. In some of these major groceries, they may offer an organic section. In most cases, they are void of anything organic. This is why the food is cheap and again, we should just spend the money.
We are already nutrient deprived because most foods lack the nutrients that we need due to poor soil. The food sold in most major grocery stores is the worst of the worst. We get what we pay for.
Let's examine the purpose of food. The purpose of food is to give the body energy and to assist the bodily functions/systems in operating properly. Many of us have forgotten this and only focus on the taste in place of considering how what we are consuming will affect our bodies. Many of the illnesses that we experience are due to poor food quality and eating regimens. 
There are ways to save funds even with organic dining. Check out your local farmer's market. Many of the things available in a farmer's market are locally grown and have organic selection. The prices at here are also usually quite exceptional for what we will receive. Also, check out your local health food store. Some things may be a little pricier, however, health food stores have sales too! You can opt to go with the health food's store brand, which usually runs a couple of dollars cheaper.
Cooking at home is another way to cut corners. Sometimes it may seem easier just pick up a burger and fries, however, it really takes just as long and really costs more. Those .99 fries can really rack up over time and we may not even notice it because we do it so fast, that we usually do it outside of a food!
If you love burgers and fries...make it at home.

Benefits of Cooking at Home

With the groceries that you buy you can have more than 1 meal.

 Your baby can get the best nutrients from you when you eat the best foods available. 

You can make it taste just the way you want it.(if you can't cook just watch a cooking show)

You know that your food is quality because you know that you purchased organic products.

You have peace of mind that your food is cooked in a clean environment.

You cooked your own food, so you  will be at peace knowing that no one tampered with your food because they were getting off shift and you pulled up 30 seconds before it was time for them to go (some people do these things)!

If you consider yourself clueless when it comes to cooking, no worries, with right practice= perfect!
Continue to check out this blog for upcoming organic recipes!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Avoid Eating Chunky Style

How did I become chunkalicious? Well, pregnancy definitely had a part in this. However, what do we do when we are pregnant? Eat, eat, and eat some more. For the diligent Mommy who wants a healthy newborn, she will have a well rounded food regimen, that will also make her well- rounded. This is a good thing because who is it about? You said it... the baby. For the nursing mommy, we know that this carries on into the nursing stages as well. This brings us up to speed to the period I am in now. Baby is still nursing, however, also eating. This cuts back on my nursing schedule, which also should cut back on my eating schedule. It took me a moment to realize this. I had made my eating schedule a habit. I looked in the mirror and wondered, 'Why am I still so chunky'? Then it hit me, I'm eating chunky portions which equal to chunkalicious when I no longer need to.

After realizing this, I immediately changed my portion size and the amount of meals that I consume. Although I am still nursing, I see myself shedding away inches. What a relief.  I am still a nursing mama, which means for me, I'll hold on to a bit of the weight. Yet, there are still some things that I can do to aid in it coming down bit by bit.

What we eat also will contribute to being chunkalicious. Many of us may say to ourselves (including myself), 'I'm already fat, so I'll just eat all the cupcakes that I want'. This is the wrong way to think about our position. We have to remember why we are this way. When we make bad food choices, we add to the problem instead of applying the solution.If we eat right, the pounds will shed a lot faster than if we stuff our faces with empty calories. Make it count. Choosing the right foods will encourage our bodies to lose weight. Also, what is most important: what we eat effects the baby.
I have had my moments of being discouraged when I look in the mirror. Wanting to be myself again, realizing that it will take time. Speaking to ourselves right with love and compassion will cause us to see the beauty of the here and now.  Considering all the priorities, the health and happiness of mommy and baby, will cause everything to bounce back gradually and naturally. Patience, patience, patience.

Try these nutrient rich entrees and notice how much your appetite curbs:
Lentil Chili and Rice
Vegetarian Pizza
Baked Salmon Fillet w/ Corn on the Cob and Green Beans

Do you have any entrees that are high in nutrients? Comment away!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Beginning the Journey

Nursing your baby is such a beautiful experience. You and baby gaze into each others' eyes and it produces such a bond. These are precious moments that become loving memories. Now...for the real issue at hand.
If you are like me, then you are a person who holds on to pregnancy weight while lactating. While I want to trim down and get back those washboard abs, I have to be balanced in doing this.
The first focus that I have is... my perception. How we think about ourselves plays a major role in how our body responds to us.If I look in the mirror everyday and tell myself how fat I look, then my body will respond to this by holding on to FAT!. We have control of how we think, look, and feel. So, instead of devaluing myself, I will love the skin that I'm in!
Everyday I will stand in the mirror and tell myself how beautiful I look. I will visualize myself being in tip- top shape, running on the beach in that hot swimsuit! I'm sure that we all have heard, 'You are what you eat'. Well, how about,'You are what you think'! Everything starts in our thinking.
I have a plan and this marks the beginning of my journey from: Chunkalicious to Curvaceous!
Comment! Share your plans for going from Chunkalicious to Curvaceous! The journey is better when we complete it together!