Monday, February 13, 2012

Bargain Organic

We all want to save money. Always looking for the best deal, cutting coupons, buying that dress that you will probably never wear just because it was 75% off. It is great when we can save, however, with some things it is best to spend the money.
One thing that we should definitely spend the money on is good food. When we go to a major grocery store, we will see many of the key things that should be in a cook's kitchen: fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, etc. 
We will even many times find great deals on them such 2 for $1 and so on. We have to also look at why these foods are so cheap. In some of these major groceries, they may offer an organic section. In most cases, they are void of anything organic. This is why the food is cheap and again, we should just spend the money.
We are already nutrient deprived because most foods lack the nutrients that we need due to poor soil. The food sold in most major grocery stores is the worst of the worst. We get what we pay for.
Let's examine the purpose of food. The purpose of food is to give the body energy and to assist the bodily functions/systems in operating properly. Many of us have forgotten this and only focus on the taste in place of considering how what we are consuming will affect our bodies. Many of the illnesses that we experience are due to poor food quality and eating regimens. 
There are ways to save funds even with organic dining. Check out your local farmer's market. Many of the things available in a farmer's market are locally grown and have organic selection. The prices at here are also usually quite exceptional for what we will receive. Also, check out your local health food store. Some things may be a little pricier, however, health food stores have sales too! You can opt to go with the health food's store brand, which usually runs a couple of dollars cheaper.
Cooking at home is another way to cut corners. Sometimes it may seem easier just pick up a burger and fries, however, it really takes just as long and really costs more. Those .99 fries can really rack up over time and we may not even notice it because we do it so fast, that we usually do it outside of a food!
If you love burgers and fries...make it at home.

Benefits of Cooking at Home

With the groceries that you buy you can have more than 1 meal.

 Your baby can get the best nutrients from you when you eat the best foods available. 

You can make it taste just the way you want it.(if you can't cook just watch a cooking show)

You know that your food is quality because you know that you purchased organic products.

You have peace of mind that your food is cooked in a clean environment.

You cooked your own food, so you  will be at peace knowing that no one tampered with your food because they were getting off shift and you pulled up 30 seconds before it was time for them to go (some people do these things)!

If you consider yourself clueless when it comes to cooking, no worries, with right practice= perfect!
Continue to check out this blog for upcoming organic recipes!

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