Saturday, February 11, 2012

Avoid Eating Chunky Style

How did I become chunkalicious? Well, pregnancy definitely had a part in this. However, what do we do when we are pregnant? Eat, eat, and eat some more. For the diligent Mommy who wants a healthy newborn, she will have a well rounded food regimen, that will also make her well- rounded. This is a good thing because who is it about? You said it... the baby. For the nursing mommy, we know that this carries on into the nursing stages as well. This brings us up to speed to the period I am in now. Baby is still nursing, however, also eating. This cuts back on my nursing schedule, which also should cut back on my eating schedule. It took me a moment to realize this. I had made my eating schedule a habit. I looked in the mirror and wondered, 'Why am I still so chunky'? Then it hit me, I'm eating chunky portions which equal to chunkalicious when I no longer need to.

After realizing this, I immediately changed my portion size and the amount of meals that I consume. Although I am still nursing, I see myself shedding away inches. What a relief.  I am still a nursing mama, which means for me, I'll hold on to a bit of the weight. Yet, there are still some things that I can do to aid in it coming down bit by bit.

What we eat also will contribute to being chunkalicious. Many of us may say to ourselves (including myself), 'I'm already fat, so I'll just eat all the cupcakes that I want'. This is the wrong way to think about our position. We have to remember why we are this way. When we make bad food choices, we add to the problem instead of applying the solution.If we eat right, the pounds will shed a lot faster than if we stuff our faces with empty calories. Make it count. Choosing the right foods will encourage our bodies to lose weight. Also, what is most important: what we eat effects the baby.
I have had my moments of being discouraged when I look in the mirror. Wanting to be myself again, realizing that it will take time. Speaking to ourselves right with love and compassion will cause us to see the beauty of the here and now.  Considering all the priorities, the health and happiness of mommy and baby, will cause everything to bounce back gradually and naturally. Patience, patience, patience.

Try these nutrient rich entrees and notice how much your appetite curbs:
Lentil Chili and Rice
Vegetarian Pizza
Baked Salmon Fillet w/ Corn on the Cob and Green Beans

Do you have any entrees that are high in nutrients? Comment away!

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