Thursday, February 9, 2012

Beginning the Journey

Nursing your baby is such a beautiful experience. You and baby gaze into each others' eyes and it produces such a bond. These are precious moments that become loving memories. Now...for the real issue at hand.
If you are like me, then you are a person who holds on to pregnancy weight while lactating. While I want to trim down and get back those washboard abs, I have to be balanced in doing this.
The first focus that I have is... my perception. How we think about ourselves plays a major role in how our body responds to us.If I look in the mirror everyday and tell myself how fat I look, then my body will respond to this by holding on to FAT!. We have control of how we think, look, and feel. So, instead of devaluing myself, I will love the skin that I'm in!
Everyday I will stand in the mirror and tell myself how beautiful I look. I will visualize myself being in tip- top shape, running on the beach in that hot swimsuit! I'm sure that we all have heard, 'You are what you eat'. Well, how about,'You are what you think'! Everything starts in our thinking.
I have a plan and this marks the beginning of my journey from: Chunkalicious to Curvaceous!
Comment! Share your plans for going from Chunkalicious to Curvaceous! The journey is better when we complete it together!

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  1. This is right on time for me! I at the end of my nursing journey and will sion cut the invisible ties. I am slowly working my way into my plan of action to let go of the extra cushion from pregnancy. With this being baby number five for me it is important that I increase my water intake and eat several small portions, this will get my body reared up to digest and release properly. I totally agree with you about how we grief our bodies is w key element! We are beautiful regardless we have to know it and own it!!! I with you and ready to put in the work.
    Thank you so much for this!!!!