Saturday, February 25, 2012

Stay Away From the Scale

During our journey to getting that slim physique, we may become a little ambitious. Which is great in moderation. Watching what you eat, monitoring your water intake, and exercising everyday are all great ambitions to attain. Even checking your weight every two weeks is good. However, when it becomes every morning and night or even 5x a day, then it becomes obsessive. Then we become stressed when we don't think the weight isn't coming down fast enough. This can lead to depression, especially in nursing mamas.

Stay away from the scale. In order to lose weight, do we really need one? If we raise our vibration daily by thinking positive, eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, and exercise, eventually that weight will fall right off. If it doesn't seem to be working try other methods. For example, if you notice that you have poor digestion, this could be the culprit. So the solution would be to promote better digestion, not obsession.
In the beginning of our journey, we may only lose inches at first. So if your looking at the scale and notice no changes, then this can make you think that nothing is happening. However, when things are done in a natural way, they happen in degrees. 

This is to say for women losing weight, encouragement generally doesn't come from the scale, however, your state of mind. No matter what level of life we are in, if we keep our thoughts lofty and maintain focus for what we want to attain, it will be accomplished.

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