Monday, February 27, 2012

Expansion on 3 Levels

On our journey we must expand our spirit, our minds, and our bodies. This is a time of building and renewing ourselves. To obtain a want takes patience, diligence, and stamina. Expanding our spirit to higher elevations will strengthen our minds and bodies.
Everyday, take the time to broaden your perceptions of what you think, do, and have around you. Look at the sky and imagine what could be beyond it. Look at the trees and have gratitude for the oxygen they give you. Stretch your limbs 10 seconds longer than you did yesterday. As we expand, we get better and we grow.

Enjoy  this journey in your life. Take the time to love self and learn something new daily. Life is what we make it. Expand your light to give others a brighter day!

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  1. yes...I call this my daily prayer time...
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