Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Jewel of Self- Worth

To know your worth is rewarding. Self- Worth gives stability, confidence, and the hope for a new day. It is grounding in a time of confusion and gives assurance in the face of adversity.

Many suffer from depression, anxiety, and moodiness. Turn on the news and there are headlines about the number of people taking anti- depressants, “normal” people losing their minds in an explosive scenario, and even death from suicide.  Even the rich and famous, the ones that appear to be living the life that everyone wants have bouts of manic behavior, drug- use, and overdose.

What gives us our self-worth? Is it someone telling us how beautiful we are?  Or is it money and prestige? Numerous stories told by the media, shows facts that none of these will produce this result. So, what will?

It all starts from how we think. It seems so miniscule, yet, how we think determines our perception. When a woman stands in the mirror, no matter what size, and says to herself “I’m fat”, the result is a self-conscious woman preoccupied with how fat she looks. When a woman stands in the mirror happy, regardless of her size, she is free to pursue other ideas because she is free of negative thinking.

Self- worth is not about appearance. It is a state of mind that offsets negative that gets in our path. We may lose our job, however, if we perceive it as an opportunity to pursue talents that we have been neglecting, our thoughts stay lofty about ourselves, lives, and future. By thinking this way, develops assurance in ourselves and what we can do, allowing nothing or no one to dictate our worth.  

Look at every obstacle as an opportunity. Whatever seems unpleasant at the time, look for the beauty in it. This is how we maintain our value, knowing that beauty is in us and all around us.

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